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 I just came back from my haircut. Now, Natasha can't complain about it not making a difference because the guy went to trim the fringe until it's above my eyebrow. At least there'll be enough time for it to grow back before school starts I hope.

My desk is full of papers. So much work to do, I hope it pays off in the end. Like what Mr Chew said, some things need time before the results show.

I want to get a new pencil case and an 08 planner with lots of space so I can write in it. Oh and of course, a slack timetable.

Ah got to get back to doing Maths or I'll never finish it by tomorrow.

Dec. 12th, 2007

Oh well. As everybody knows, I abandoned my LJ for a long, long while. So, I'M BACK!!!! TA-DA!!!!! *bows to catcalls, wolf whistles, cheers and applause*

Anyway, I went to Vivo today. The puppies were so cute! Golden retrievers and Chouchous are like frolicking about in their cages. The Yorkshire terriers were chasing each other all over the place. And the hamsters! Too bad I don't dare to touch which is rather stupid since I like looking at them so much.

I should stick to my virtual pets. My orange fintails or whatever they're called are breeding like mad. I don't have enough tanks to store all of them so the adult ones started eating up the babies. I'm going to sell until I have enough money to get new fishes.

Enough talk about animals. I'm going to watch Heroes now!

Nov. 14th, 2007

Title: The A-Z of Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard
Rating: PG
Language: English (imagine me writing in Chinese)
Pairing: S/X
Disclaimer: Nothing in this fic is true. They don't belong to me, no matter how much I wish they would.
A/N: I had to get this off. Totally destroyed the pairing. Sorry Aisyah!  :)

Anfield – Xabi will never forget the place where his fairytale started. Never for all eternity.

Balloons – Only Stevie knows about his love for balloons. Only Stevie gives him balloons. When there is no one left after training.

Call – Although they see each other almost everyday, Xabi still calls Stevie every night just to let him know he’s thinking of him.

Distance – Distance is never a problem. That’s what the cell phone and MSN are for.

End – Xabi does not want it to end. Neither does Stevie. Even though both of them know it would one day.

Food – “I’m hungry…” Xabi moaned. “Is food all you ever think about?” Stevie asked. “No… I think about a certain captain of Liverpool FC too,” Xabi grinned.

Genius – Stevie wasn’t a genius, wasn’t exactly a hunk either. But as long as Xabi loves him, he will still be plain old Stevie.

His - He was Stevie’s. He belonged to no one but Steven Gerrard.

Invisible - Xabi had never felt so invisible when Stevie blatantly ignored him after some stupid fight he couldn’t even remember about.

Jug - As Xabi lay in bed, all frustrated and depressed from his injury, Stevie appeared suddenly at the doorway of his room. “Wha-?! How?! Huh?!” Xabi sputtered. “You always kept a set of keys in the flowerpot, remember? Anyway, here. For you. I-I made it. Uh.. I gotta go to the toilet,” Stevie muttered rapidly and dashed off to the toilet. Xabi looked down at the cylinder Stevie had stuffed into his hands. It was a glass jar with cookies insides. And on the cookies, using icing, Stevie had traced a heart shape with “S/X” inside.

King Kong - “Stevie, stop watching King Kong. It is a stupid show, si? Monkey grab people. Stupid, no?” Xabi whined in a futile attempt to drag Stevie away from the television set.

Lose - Xabi hated it when they lose. He hated it even more as he sees Stevie hating himself for not doing more to win the match.

Moonlight - “Let’s go *hic* for a spin. *hic* Club’s *hic* making me dizzy*hic*,” Stevie hiccuped. Xabi shrugged and half-dragged his captain to his ride. “Where do we go?” Xabi whispered into his ear. “Somewhere *hic* where the moonlight *hic* shines on you. *hic*So that *hic*I can see you *hic*better,” Stevie whispered back.

Never - Xabi never says no to Stevie. He couldn’t bear, couldn’t bring himself to.

Open - Stevie was the only person he had ever bared his heart out to. He had never felt so open and vulnerable after that. But at least, Stevie was there. To catch him if he falls.

Physics - “The forces of action and reaction between interacting bodies are equal in magnitude, opposite in direction and act on different bodies.” Xabi recited from a book (A-Level Physics Study Guide). “Hey Stevie! Do you want to try this? Interacting bodies, see?” Xabi hollered.

Quick - “Xabi! Wake up! Quick quick! Oh no, we’re going to be bloody screwed by Benitez! Bloody hell! Third time late this week! XABI!!” Stevie panicked. Xabi woke with a start, only to see his room with clothes littering the floor and a very frantic Stevie stuffing clothes into his bag.”What’s the hurry, Stevie? It’s Friday today. No training, si? You see wrong date,” Stevie sat back on the bed as realisation dawned on him.

Rejected - Xabi was afraid. Afraid of rejection. What if he confessed his feelings to Stevie? What if the special friendship they have is lost? What if? What if..

Spanish - Xabi watched amusedly as Stevie tried to learn Spanish from a book he had borrowed. After 10 minutes, the frown on Stevie’s face deepened. Soon after, he put the book down, looked at Xabi and said,”I give up. It’s so hard to learn. Besides, as long as we understand each other, it’s fine right?”

Torres - “Xabi, tell the truth. Are you in love with Fernando Torres?” Stevie said bluntly. “No. Why would I? I already have you.” Xabi replied, smiling as he detected a hint of jealousy in Stevie’s question.

Umbrella - Stevie burst out laughing when he saw a disgruntled Xabi walking out of his house with a purple umbrella with yellow stripes. “Shut up. Nagore made me bring it.” Xabi whacked Stevie’s head with the aforementioned umbrella.

Vain - “Stevie, you’re so vain. Can we go now?” Xabi was getting impatient as Stevie checked his reflection in the mirror for the 34th time in the past 10 mins.

Wings - “Look Xabi! I can fly!” Stevie raised his arms and started flapping as he swayed from side to side. “No you’re not. You’re just drunk.” Xabi replied as he took out his handphone and started to take a video.

Xylophone - “I’m going to learn the xylophone then I can play it for Xabi.” Stevie said to Reina. “I don’t think you should. He might become tone deaf after that.” was Reina’s cheeky reply.

You - Every goal that Stevie had scored. Every single one of them. It was dedicated to Xabi as a way of saying “I love you.”

Zoom - Xabi’s eyes followed the familiar figure of Stevie as he zoomed back and forth up the field, wishing he was there too



Anger - Whenever Torsten felt angry, Michael would sense it, stride to him and give him a bear hug that would console Torsten immediately. And Torsten would feel comforted, knowing he is in good hands.

Bald - “I can’t believe you shaved your head bald.” Torsten muttered angrily. “I’m not bald. There’s still hair on my head. Just because it’s called stubble doesn’t mean it’s not hair,” Michael explained calmly.

Chelsea - “Torsten? I’ve decided. I’m moving to Chelsea.” The words replayed themselves over and over again in Torsten’s head. It was a miracle Michael didn’t hear Torsten’s heart smashing into pieces over the phone.

Deep - Torsten felt his heart thumping when he saw the guy with the curly hair and bluish green eyes step into the changing room. He groaned to himself Oh boy Torsten.. Are you ever in deep. That was 10 years ago.

End - One day, this story will end. Not the happily-ever-after end but rather the end where everybody dies heart broken and shattered. And Torsten wepts whenever he thinks of it.

Fever - “Where’s Michael?” Podolski asked. “He’s down with a high fever,” was the curt reply from Torsten. “What did you do to him, Torsten? So much so that he’s so lovesick?” Schweinsteiger snickered from Podolski’s right and before Torsten could say anything, he added, “I bet you starved him of sex, right?” And he collapsed to the ground in laughter as Torsten sputtered.

Gap - Torsten knew there would be a gap between them after Michael left. But he didn’t expect that gap to enlarge into a drain and finally, a canal of awkward silences between them.

Hero - Torsten never would admit this to Michael. Michael wasn’t only his lover, but also his hero.

Illuminate - As long as Torsten and Michael were together in the same room, the room would illuminate and a soft glow would shine from within.

Jeans - Torsten loves it when Michael wore jeans. He thought Michael looks better in jeans. Hell, he thought, Michael looks nice in anything, everything and even nothing.

Knock - Torsten hated it when people did not knock before entering a room. Especially the time when Schweinsteiger and Podolski barged into the storeroom , hiding from a bellowing Kahn. He remembered all the embarassed looks, especially Michael since he was the reddest.

Love - Neither words nor action could describe his love for Michael. That’s why they never said “I love you” to each other before. Because their love was beyond mere words.

Moments - Some people wait forever for a moment in time where they find their one true love. As for Torsten, he found his the moment he set his eyes on Michael.

No - This is the only answer Torsten is unable to bring himself to say whenever Michael needed his help. The pout and puppy eyes didn’t help too.

One - If Torsten were to rank everything in his life in order of importance, Michael would be No.1 on top of the list.

Penguin - “Someday, I’m going to fly to the Antartica and bring a penguin back for you, Michael,” Torsten said. “No silly, you won’t find any penguins there. They live in the Arctic. There are polar bears though,” Michael replied knowledgebly.

Queen - Torsten hated it when the other players called him “Queen” - unless Michael was king.

Rescue - Torsten remembered there was a time when he had been freefalling in his career and family. He was being benched for almost every single match and he would argue with Petra almost every night. Michael had been his knight in shining armour and rescued him when he learnt about it.

Secret - Torsten yelped when Michael lunged and hugged him from the back. “I knew it! I knew it! It was you all along, wasn’t it? Putting those love notes in my locker before training so that I’ll find them!” exclaimed Michael. The guilty look on Torsten’s face told Michael his answer.

Thrill - The first time Torsten saw Michael coming back from England, an unexplainable thrill shot through him. It was as though he had taken drugs and was on an all-time high.

Unknown - Only Torsten and Michael knew of their relationship. Or that’s what they like to think.

Version - Torsten often thought that Michael and him were the German version of Brokeback Mountain, without the cowboy hats, of course. Although he suspected Michael would look extremely delicious in one of those hats.

Wet - Simone shrieked as she saw Torsten and Michael coming back into the house from the heavy downpour, all wet and dirty.  She shoved them both into the toilet and shut the door, shouting at them not to step out until they were clean and dry. She didn’t know that her words fell on deaf ears as a kissing match had ensued in the toilet.

X-ray - Michael felt that Torsten was his X-ray. Torsten could see through Michael, whether he was happy, sad, angry, frustrated, bored etc. And he loved it because Torsten always knew what to do after that.

Yawn - “Close your mouth when you yawn, Michael! It’s rude and unhygienic!” Torsten admonished. “If not what, Torsten? You’ll come over and kiss me?” Michael grinned. “Fat hope, Michael” Torsten replied, eyes twinkling. He leaned over and gave Michael a peck on the cheek.

Zoo - “Let’s go to the zoo, Michael! You bring Simone and the kids and I’ll bring Petra and my kids! This is so fun and exciting!” Torsten exclaimed one day. Michael retorted,”What?! How old are you, Torsten? 4 years old?” “Aww come one… Please Michael? If you love me, you would,” Torsten pouted, playing the love card. Michael sighed and reply,”I can’t say no to that, right?”

Oct. 10th, 2007

1.        How are you feeling today?
Heal The World by Michael Jackson

2. Will you get far in life?
SOS by Jonas Brothers

3. Will you get married?
Greatest Story Ever Told

4. What is your best friend's theme song?
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You by

5. What is the story of your life?
Technology by 50 Cents

6. What was primary school like?
Tired Of Being Sorry by Enrique Iglesias

7. How can you get ahead in life?
Bubbly by Colby Caillat

8. What is the best thing about your friends?
Me Love by Sean Kingston

9. What is in store this weekend?
When She Smiles

10. What song describes you?
Into Oblivion (Reunion) by Funeral For A Friend

11. How is your life going?
Family Affair by Mary J. Blige

12. What song will they play at your funeral?
From Yesterday by 30 Seconds To Mars

13. How does the world see you?
The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

14. What do your friends really think of you?
I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin Mccain

15. Do people secretly lust after you?
Apologize by OneRepublic

16. How can you make yourself happy?
If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating

17. Will you ever have children?
Who Knew by Pink

I'm too lazy to add my comments. But err, I don't have much anyway.


She Won't Cry (by Jppoet)

You see the pain that lies in her eyes,
But, alas, her eyes are dry,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the anger that burns from her gaze,
The madness that sets her eyes ablaze,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the fear that closes her eyes,
The smile she wears is but a disguise,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the hope that is finally dead,
She cannot trust for her heart has been bled,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see the love that lies within,
But she shall never love again,
She won't cry.
No, she won't cry.

You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes,
No one saw her die inside,
They won't cry.
No, they won't cry.



You know how sometimes people around you get too ambitious and you know they most probably can't reach what they had set out to.

The bad thing is when they try to drag you along with them when you had already blatantly refused to. Then they spent the next 3 days talking to you about the benefits gained if you reach the target. See that's the keyword. "IF". You aren't even sure if you'll reach the target. What IF you don't? Isn't it a lot of time wasted? You might say all is not wasted and some crap about experience. Seriously, experience of not getting in anything more like. How many interviews have we gone for? And how many have we succeeded in? I believe, unless I miscalculated, it's none. And this time the chances are around 1 in every 15 people. What makes you think you can succeed?

The worse thing is not daring to tell you to not go for it. I don't know what's worse. Smashing your hope by telling you straight in the face that you won't be able to get in or just keeping quiet and watch as you go for the interviews and fail afterwards. Because I was once an interviewer and I know a little of what qualities to look out for. And isn't it obvious that out of my list, you probably only fulfil 1 or 2 of them. After all, we live in the real world where certain things are impossible. How can I get you to see that?


Sep. 12th, 2007

 So here's the analysis.

According to The Mini Oxford School Dictionary, money refers to wealth or coins and banknotes. According to my own definition, money refers to lots of inconvenience and greed. So why do people love moeny so much? (This is just a hypothesis) People love money because they have the impression that money can buy you everything. But the fact is that it does not. It can't buy you happiness. You have to create that happiness yourself. How many people have died because of money? Still think money is everything? If yes, you should just drown in the toilet bowl.


Sep. 12th, 2007

Money, power, fame. Is that all anyone can think about these days? What happened to the "follow-your-dreams" days? I think I preferred it way better than the present. An analysis on money, power, fame.

After I come back from the toilet.



I hate my life, as it is. The holidays are ending. (What holidays?) I haven't done my homework yet. Rush tonight.